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Main Destinations

Main Destinations


RichyLife Privilege World give Service All Destinations. We have our main Destinations Istanbul - Moscow - KualaLumpur - Maldives - Paris - Zurich - London - Miami - Newyork  Is the most safety travel program as Global Security Services .

Life Begin from Ocian


Yacht Wolrd; charter yacht programs waiting for Privilege time. 

Your Peace is our Future...Your time is our Safe...


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much as your own home with Richy Life  Privilege World.

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Malidives, Bahamas, Paris, Rome, Vietnam

King Suits & Privet Mansions


Antalya - Istanbul - Maldives - Monaco - Kuala Lumpur

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Safety is the most important part of our busines. 

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Around the World you can Connect with our Offices & 24/7 OnlinePrivet Asistant 

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We can plan your trip from ÔÇťA to ZÔÇŁ as a professional partner.

Dear Privilege Guest ; Please connect with our Privet Asistant , we can organise arround the world all your needs. Richy Life is a not just a consiage program, Richy Life is a your international Life Assistant in a Safeties Progress. Your Welcome