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Based in Dubai and Turkey, Richy Life is a hub for luxury holidays. Visit Richy Life to enjoy your life to the fullest and have your next fabulous escape from your everyday busy life. We are a synonym and alternate choice for luxurious life. If you are looking for an exciting stay away from your home, there is no better platform than Richy Life. We invite travelers and tourists who wish to enjoy a luxury stay in deluxe villas and posh bungalows. Tourists around the globe can experience our highly rated and high-class tour packages.

Everything that you see at Richy Life is grand and posh. The majestic and luxurious life with us starts the second you make a reservation. We provide our guests with high-class cars, helicopters, private jets, and YACHT for comfortable and out-of-the-world travel. The moments you spend with us will be the best days of your life. Our vastly experienced and talented team of travel specialists will plan and chart your Luxury holidays. Our objective is to help our guests experience a holiday they have never seen so far.

Our Services.

Richy Life presents holiday and business travel assistance.

A genuine companion for tourists, Richy Life gives importance to assisting tourists to explore the endless luxurious life around the globe. We deliver a range of posh services to high-profile, well-off, and VIP tourists. Our guests can enjoy a trouble-free and relaxed holiday from the start to the end. We will chart your travel right from your homeland and arrange the complete tour with utmost convenience.

Our professional team will organize all the services you require even before you land any where around the world to serve you better. Richy Life presents holiday and business travel assistance. Our services are accessible to solo and group tourists. We create an itinerary to go with your interests, comfort, and tastes. Luxury villas, helicopters, cars, bungalows, and many other services are available to transform your travel into a lifetime experience. We offer various tour packages for your convenience and book the travel package that suits your travel purposes the most.

Our unique and enjoyable services offered to our guests include:


A leading holiday and business travel service around the globe, Richy Life offers the best accommodation services to tourists. The best exotic hotels, bungalows, and villas are ready for your comfortable and relaxed stay. Villa and king suit stay during your holiday and business tour is a great way to treat yourself and let you escape from daily tiring life. Villas and hotels that include pools and beaches are waiting to offer you a royal treat. Book your hotel, bungalow, and villa to enjoy your holiday along with your loved ones.

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Richy Life offers a luxury treat to our guests. We don’t offer anything short of luxury. Our guests can enjoy travel in a VIP LIMOUSINE car. We will deliver an experienced and well-mannered Limousine driver to help you to explore the world around you. Our driver will accompany you and drive you safe wherever you want to go. You can erase your worries and stress regarding the transfer or travel facilities as we provide you with luxurious cars, Super Sports Cars, and VIP LIMOUSINE cars to travel around. You can travel like a king and have a majestic travel experience.

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Richy Life offers the ultimate luxury yacht experience to you. Don’t you wish to cruise through the ocean? We can accomplish your dream and let you sail through the sea along with your loved ones. We present a range of luxury yachts to pick out for your leisure, holiday, or business travel. Our team will organize a luxurious journey on a Yacht at sea, and it will be an exceptional experience for you. Our yacht team will provide seamless services, exquisite dining, and other surprises for you to make it an exciting journey.

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Richy Life offers private jet services to bring more life to your leisure or business travel. You can travel together with your friends, colleagues, family, and loved ones in a private jet which will be a timeless experience in your life. Traveling in a private jet for your vacation or holiday will be a different experience. With our unique and luxury private jet services, you can enjoy traveling around the globe. We ensure luxury, fast, flexible, and most comfortable travel to attend important business meetings and explore travel destinations.

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Richy Life offers helicopter services to make your travel more comfortable, easy, and quick. We aim at bringing your trip to life and delivering first-hand experience through exceptional helicopter services. Our seamless helicopter services can use for business and leisure trips. We have a great team to operate helicopter services and make your holidays worth getting thrilled for. Whether you prefer an outing with family and friends, a weekend trip, or a honeymoon trip, our helicopter service is a viable option for VIP's around the world.

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Richy Life presents award-winning submarine tours to our VIP tourists. Our team of professionals will arrange a thrilling ride for any traveler craving to discover the underwater world. We are the definition of luxury and help our guests to experience all the safe, comfortable, and luxurious activities available on earth. Our guests can fully enjoy their submarine tours as we look after your safety and offer you the utmost submarine experience. Being the best entertainment and luxury service provider, we ensure that the money you spend is worthy.

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The Richy Life Club.

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The Richy Life Club.

Explore the endless luxurious life.

We provide our guests with high-class cars, helicopters, private jets, and YACHT for comfortable and out-of-the-world travel. The moments you spend with us will be the best days of your life.

Our vastly experienced and talented team of travel specialists will plan and chart your Luxury holidays.

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The Richy Life Club.

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